Rachel’s shop – Elegance and sophistication

Rachel’s shop – Elegance and sophistication
10 November, 2015 admin-seo

A peculiar shop that mixes daily life and elegance

Rachel’s Organic Food is considered one of the best gastronomic offers in Marbella. It’s a paradise surrounded of nature and calmness, located in the heart of the gardens of Hotel Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa.

You can eat an organic meal, with ingredients just collected from a vegetable garden, while you enjoy the bird’s song and the sound of water falling from the near fountain. A unique and special moment.

To complete its offer, Rachel’s also has a shop to find what you need for your everyday life, these ideal things that you are searching to give each moment a special touch, or simply, to make your everyday more pleasant and comfortable. Rachel’s shop mixes daily life and elegance. You will find magazines and daily press, articles for your personal care, delicious snacks or those pocket books; perfect to read them in

summer, lying in the hammock next to the swimming pool. Regarding elegance, you will also find exclusive clothes, its natural and organic cosmetic products, of the unique fragrances of the most valued perfumes… This chic touch that distinguishes all the establishments of our guide.

Rachel’s shop, a world travel

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In Rachel’s they care and pamper each of its clients, making their utmost effort to please them. All their clients come again!

It is a special place, where you will find a peculiar compilation of all type of articles, from different parts of the wold. They have a unique sample of unrepeatable, useful, great or simply delicious things. To go around in Rachel’s is like going around the world. A number of articles today exposed in the shop windows and its shelves were obtained in different stops in charming cities, in countries from all continents. These aspects make of Rachel’s a magic place full of life.

The must-have and most chic basics

This shop is characterized for its variety. From the most basic to the most exclusive articles, to fit everyone’s pockets. You can find in Rachel’s a selection of healthy food with natural ingredients, but you will also find complements and exclusive clothes from renowned brands that will make you find spectacular for any moment.

They work with renowned brands such as:

  • MEISÏE: clothes with personality, inspired in a bohemian designs with romantic details from Scandinavian ideas. You will love their clothes.
  • House of Sillage: high-end fragrances with spectacular and unmistakable packagings, as if they were art works. They are inspired in a classic craftwork and high jewellery. Each jewel stopper is plated with a precious metal and decorated with Swarovski crystals with personalised cuttings. You will not confound their fragrances.
  • ByRedo: perfumes made in Stockholm, with quality and pleasant fragrances that will not let anyone indifferent.
  • Maltessa eyewear: sunglasses made in Spain, with a retro and vintage style.
  • Havaianas: the most popular sandals. Inspired in the Japanese zori with different colours and models. Havaianas is the most known and sold flip-flop brand in the world.

After taking a look in our shop, if you are hungry try our delicious Ibiza’s Salt snacks, elaborated with natural salt, without additives nor preservatives.

In Rachel’s Organic Food, you will find all these things and more, a place where time stops to give us a moment to love, care, pamper and to distance ourselves from the city’s noise.

Rachel’s shop focuses on the small details, because these are the ones that make us discover the magic present in all things. Going around the world give us the opportunity to discover the things that makes us special… close your eyes and boat on!


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