New edition of Marbella’s leisure guide

New edition of Marbella’s leisure guide
8 January, 2016 admin-seo

Find the best of Costa del Sol in Chic&co Guide

Leisure, haute gastronomy, restaurants, exclusive shops, quality professional services, design and interior decoration, art and culture… all in all, everything you don’t want to miss in this marvellous place that is Costa del Sol. You will find all this and even more in the new edition of Chic&co, in which we are already working. Your leisure guide in Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande and the surrounding villages.

As each year, the referent leisure guide of Marbella will bring you its new edition in early summer, the best time to fully enjoy Costa del Sol. This is the time where the streets come alive, people walking through, restaurants, beach clubs and sunny terraces overflowing with radiant energy. It is the perfect weather to enjoy the lovely scenery of the old quarters of Marbella and the commercial centres of Puerto Banus, while you think of new projects for your family, home or business. Chic&co Guide will come in handy to realise all your ideas!

As the previous guide, the new edition will come with a lot of new options for Chic&co partners as well as for our readers, but to know them you will have to wait for a few months, we don’t reveal our secrets so easily!


What we can assure you is that design will continue to be a key element in our guide. Always following the latest trends, the carefully selected aesthetics will make it stand out from others magazines or leisure guides you can find in Marbella. The format will be useful and easy to handle, so you can always keep it with you without any kind of inconvenient. The interior will stand out for its high quality, the importance of images and its content presented in three different languages (Spanish, English and Russian) to reach the international population of Marbella and Costa del Sol.

A visual leisure guide of Marbella

A picture is worth a thousand words and Chic&co partners know it. This is the reason why the predominant element in each of its pages is photography. Pictures are the ones that make us want to go to the different establishments, to try out their delicious dishes or to get our hands in their exclusive products. Together with the image comes a brief description of the establishment and their contact details, which allows the reader to know everything, or almost everything, of our partners. But this is only an appetizer; the best part is to visit each one of them and try first hand why Chic&co partners are the best places of Costa del Sol.

Without doubts, our guide of Marbella will arouse the curiosity of its readers, making them want to know this collection made of the most lovely places. We hope to bring you, for another year, the best places from the hands of Chic&co Guide.

We will see you soon!



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