I love Marbella. Ten reasons to fall in love.

I love Marbella. Ten reasons to fall in love.
1 May, 2016 admin-seo

I love Marbella. Ten reasons why we love it.

As incredible as it seems, it has been proven that everyone who visits Marbella for the first time falls in love with this city, with each of its corners, with its people, with its lifestyle… love at first sight that can be expressed with only three words: I love Marbella.

Marbella is an idyllic city located in the most occidental area of the popular Costa del Sol, following a strong tradition of seaside town but with a light cosmopolitan style at the same time; aspects that make this city become even more distinguished, captivating half the world.

We get emotional when talking about Marbella and an endless list of positive adjectives comes to mind. Those of us who are established here and those who stay long periods of time in Marbella know that it’s paradise on earth but, what is it that makes this coastal city a luxury destination everyone wants to enjoy?



In Chic&co Guide each of them has its own reason –or many– for which they wouldn’t change Marbella for anywhere else. We’ll tell you some of them:

  1. I love Marbella for its excellent meteorology. We’ve more than 300 days of sun and beach in a privileged location between La Concha’s mountains, this scenery creates a microclimate with an annual average temperature of 30ºC. Without wind nor long days of rain, living in Marbella is a dream come true..
  2. I love Marbella for its beach clubs next to the Mediterranean Sea. With more than 27km of coastline, the beachfront beach clubs are one of its biggest touristic attractions. The MC Beach, Beach House, Del Mar and Sea Grill are our favourites and we’re sure they’ll also be yours.
  3. I love Marbella for its old town. To take a walk in narrow streets of the old part of the city is always a pleasure. Its paved streets, the colourful shop windows of all different type of shops, its coffee shops and the typical whitebait restaurants, tapas bars or grill restaurants with succulent meats are elements that will accompany us in our delightful promenades.
  4. I love Marbella for its yacht parties. In summer you can find a livened up atmosphere even in the open sea. Puerto Banús is known for the numerous parties hosted in private yachts in the open sea. Glamour and luxury that can be felt simply by taking a walk in Puerto Banús, the marina par excellence, or if we travel to Sotogrande, just a few kilometres from this city of Costa del Sol.
  5. I love Marbella for its nightclubs. Marbella’s nights are one of its strong points. Discotheques with live music of all styles, nightclubs in luxury hotels, such as La Suite at Puente Romano or Champagne Room at Marbella Club, casinos such as Nueva Andalucía’s, international music festivals such as Starlite and an endless list of events that will make you enjoy your summer nights in this enviable environment.
  6. I love Marbella for its international shopping. To take a promenade in Puerto Banús, Ricardo Soriano or any of the old city’s narrow streets in summer is the perfect example of glamour. Clothes, luxury brands and cosmetics… Hermes, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Loewe… national and international brands at your hands reach with an exclusive service and exquisite taste. And if you want to move away from the city, don’t lose sight of the exclusive commercial malls, such as Laguna Village next to the beach and sited in Estepona. Shopping was never easier!
  7. I love Marbella for its quality services. Lawyers, staff recruitment agencies for homes, project management, concierge services, communication and marketing agencies, event planners… Whatever it is you’re looking for, in Marbella you will find it with top-quality standards.
  8. I love Marbella for all its charming corners. Antiquities shops, organic restaurants where all their dishes are made with love, welcoming beauty centres, peculiar coffee shops… Everything is possible in Marbella! Their establishments stand out for top quality services and products, without forgetting their exceptional personnel.
  9. I love Marbella for its people, people from anywhere and everywhere. Marbella can be proud, without any doubt, of being a welcoming city where everyone finds his or her place. Be it celebrities that seek to pass unnoticed or those that prefer to tell the world where they enjoy their holydays or even members of Royal households from all over the world, in short, people from here and there that have chosen this city to establish themselves or just to relax in their holydays.
  10. I love Marbella for being as it is. We’re fascinated by Marbella and we cannot say otherwise. We love this city, as it is, where beautiful things, luxury and glamour meet in the same place, the place where good things happen everyday.



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