Coffee shops



The place, flavour, smell, preparation process… All these factors are important when tasting a good coffee. It is the perfect excuse to meet your friends or to take a small break. There are uncountable tastes and varieties of this stimulant drink, but don’t you end up asking for the same type wherever you go? Distance yourself from that habit. Coffee your mind, try out the different types and enjoy each sip.

For all you, passionate of the small details, the guide Chic&co discloses the most charming coffee shops of Costa del Sol. You can taste their rich infusions and coffees, have a natural and healthy breakfast, try out different snacks, homemade sweets and enjoy their exclusive cocktails.

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In Chic&co we love those small corners where you can enjoy all types of coffee with views to the sea, in a pleasant and sunny terrace or where you can cool yourself in the shade of a grove in a centric coffee shop. But above all, we love the trendy, lovely and the small details that make of the establishments Chic&co a unique and special place.


  • For their variety: all our coffee shops have a large menu where you can choose from a foamy and delicious espresso mixed with milk, chocolate, caramel, cream or condensed milk to varied snacks, homemade sweets and delicious cocktails.
  • For their excellent service: all the establishments of Chic&co are highlighted for their welcoming attitude and professionalism.
  • For the good atmosphere: each of those establishments are characterised by their own special touch. They have pleasant terraces with excellent views, an attractive decoration and good music. They are places where you can relax and enjoy the moment without worries.

If you live near or if you are visiting the zone, you cannot leave without taking the opportunity to enjoy the small feats of live.

To take a coffee is the best excuse to go out, relax, breath fresh air, meet your friends or, simply, to take a breather. A good coffee and you, what more do you need?

We invite you to discover each of them through our guide!